Green Wrythe Lane Allotment Association


Welcome to the Green Wrythe Lane Allotment Association


We are an informal group of like minded people who have an interest in an allotment garden. Our site is in Green Wrythe Lane Carshalton in the leafy green suburbs of Sutton, shared by nearly one hundred men, women and families, who tend 140 separate plots.

The allotments are a covenant'd site, given to the council for the use of local people to grow produce for their families; this dates from the early 1900's. The overall management responsibility is now contracted out to IdVerde as part of the South London Waste Partnership. The London Borough Of Sutton still own the site. To register your interest for your own plot you will need to join the waiting list. Current wait times are 2 - 3 years and are only open to borough residents. Problems or questions are best sorted out locally; you are advised to contact the Site Rep first.

We like to think we are a friendly bunch, and we extend that warmth in to the digital age, please use this link to register as a plot holder with the association. We are a none profit making organisation serving the best interests of our plot holders and members.

Our trading hut is open to all on selected Sundays, come along and support a local amenity. Great prices and local growing knowledge.

Being a tenant also means you become a member of the Allotment Association. We exist as a unifying body to represent the best interests of us all to the management contractor.

We maintain the common areas and organise the social events. We rent several plots to use as car parking spaces. None of this comes for free. We are all unpaid volunteers, but the rent needs to be paid. We ask for an annual subscription of £8 to cover our costs, paid each New Year. Contact us here to organise payment.